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Professional and Dedicated Domiciliary Care in Hayling Island, Hampshire

Domiciliary care at Thistledown Supported Living in Hayling Island, Hampshire, includes exceptional services such as risk assessments, a user focused service to promote active participation, life skills training, and assistance with registering with a GP, dentist or an optician. Our team of dedicated and passionate carers work around-the-clock to make sure that your needs are consistently met, your quality of life is at the highest possible standard, and that you can live happily and independently in your own home.

An elderly woman with a home career

Needs and Risk Assessments

Before providing services, we ensure that a potential client's needs, preferences, and risks are thoroughly assessed. We aim to ensure that the care and support that Thistledown Supported Living provides meets the assessed needs of each client. We ensure that needs and risks are re-assessed as frequently as necessary and that the care and support provided have the flexibility to respond to changing needs or requirements. From the outset of the referral process, we seek to consult all relevant parties in the needs and risk assessment process.

User Focused Services

To focus on client’s personal aspirations, we aim to provide care and support in ways that have positive outcomes for clients and promote their active participation.

An elderly couple having a client consultation

Client Consultation

Thistledown Supported Living considers ‘participation’ to be a vital part of a client’s inclusion in decision making. Clients are encouraged to become empowered by taking advantage of consultation and support mechanisms in place. For instance, meetings with managers or supervisors, advocacy support and/or assistance from external agencies. All staff members know where the Policies and Procedures are kept within the office for reference. Tenants are actively encouraged to influence changes in policies and procedures for the continued improvement of service delivery.


Our service aims to help clients to develop and maintain as much independence and control as possible, with the desired outcome of experiencing an improvement in their quality of life. Trained and experienced support workers deliver our services, which are provided 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training

  • Help with Understanding Nutrition

  • Assistance Preparing Meals

  • Assistance with Preparing Shopping Lists

  • Shopping Assistance

  • Budgeting Assistance

  • Accompanying to and from Appointments

  • Help with Cleaning

  • Laundry

  • Mending, Sewing, and Ironing Clothing

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Benefits/Bills

  • Food Hygiene and Storage

  • Welfare Benefits

  • Filling out Forms

  • Rent/Bills/Debts Supervision

  • Opening up a Bank Account

  • Accessing Professional Help

  • Accessing Training, Education and Employment Opportunities

  • Accessing Recreational Facilities

  • Accessing Specialist Counselling Services

  • Personal Care

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

  • General Health and Safety

  • Operating and Maintaining Kitchen Equipment Safely

  • Advice on Fire Safety



  • Repairs

  • Servicing of Personal Equipment

  • Reporting Repairs and Maintenance Issues to Landlord

  • Monitoring and Supervising the Use of Medication

  • Arranging Prescriptions and Medication Collection

  • Dealing with Emotional Difficulties (Informal Counselling)

  • Friendship

  • Organising Social Events

  • Religious and Cultural Observances

  • Maintaining Contact with Family and Friends

  • Escorting on Trips and Holidays

The above list is by any means not exhaustive! We can identify other areas that could be potentially introduced, and/or the existing tasks itemised may be revised or withdrawn in accordance with future developments. A contract for our services can include any combination of the above tasks as identified in an individual’s needs assessment and care plan.

Please Note, Contracts Exclude:

Please Note, Contracts Exclude:

  • Nursing Procedures

  • Collection of Money from Bank/Post Office

  • Manual Handling

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